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How to Make Homemade Eggnog

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There isn’t much better during the holidays than a thick and delicious eggnog! Now make it from home and enjoy it anytime you want.


2/3 C sugar
6 egg yolks
pinch of salt
4 C milk
2 C whipping cream
6 Tbsp sugar
6 egg whites
1 tsp nutmeg
2 tsp vanilla (optional)
in a saucepan heat up the milk, cream until warm Whisk the sugar, egg yolks and salt together temper some of the warm liquid into the egg yolks, stirring the entire time add the mixture back into the saucepan and heat until it reaches 160 degrees F Take off heat and let cool Whip the 6 Tbsp sugar and egg whites together until ribbony (just before you reach soft peaks) Stir the nutmeg and vanilla into the egg mixture Add the egg whites into the yolk mixture and stir together keep refrigerated, stir before serving

Video by Ashlee Marie Cakes
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Welcome to Ashlee Marie. Today, we’re making one of my holiday favorites. And that is
homemade eggnog. Let’s get started.
We need, of course, eggs. Now, I’m making a double batch today, because I have a lot of people
coming over tomorrow. So I’m using a dozen eggs. You can, of course, make this in a much
smaller batch of a little more family reasonable size. But I figure hey, as long as I’m making it,
why not make a lot of it. So, first thing we need to do is separate the eggs, the whites and the
You can use any method you want for separating your egg whites and your egg yolks. I use my
hand. It’s cold and slimy, but I find it’s a lot faster and easier than trying to juggle the shells back
and forth and not crack the yolk into my egg white. I feel like this way, I never risk my egg
whites getting contaminated with any yolk at all. Over here, I have some milk and cream heating
up. We’re trying to not bring this to a boil or anything like that. We’re not trying to cook the
milk or cream, but we do want it to be nice and warm. And while that’s warming up, I’m taking
all these beautiful egg yolks that we just separated, and I’m going to add a bunch of sugar.
Because, you know, this is a sweet dessert. And a pinch of salt.
That was a lot. That was more than I thought. Now we’re going to whisk them together. We’re
creating a yolky-sugary paste.
Really get your arm muscles into it.
Our eggs are nice and creamy and light colored and just smooth and ohh, they look great. And
our milk and cream mixture is nice and warm. So, what we’re going to do is take this warm
mixture and pour it into our egg mixture. And that’s called tempering. We’re going to temper our
eggs. Bring the eggs up to a hotter temperature so that we can cook them even higher without
cooking them, without scrambling them. Because, if I just added these straight into this warm
milk, they would kind of turn into curdled scrambled eggs as I poured them, and we don’t want
that. So, I have something kind of sticky underneath the bowl so I can pour and stir at the same
time and use both of my hands. And rather than try to hold this entire pot with my little hand, I’m
going to use a container to pour the milk. Anything will work.
So, we’re going to add the warm mixture.
Try not to spill everywhere. This is the same way you make pretty much any type of custard or
curd or pastry cream. It’s a very normal technique. And the eggs are the thickener in this case.
And the deliciousness. Alright.
So, this is mixed in. It’s nice and warm. Now we’re going to add it back into the hot mixture and
bring the whole thing up to a warmer temperature. Our cream, our milk, our eggs and our sugar
mixture that we’re stirring constantly so that it doesn’t cook or burn is heating up really nicely.
The great thing about this recipe is rather than a lot of other recipes that have this base that talk
about “heat it up until it’s thick and your finger can pass along the spoon” or all of those strange
rules. Which, hey, I have those recipes too. This one is actually to a degree. 160 degrees
Fahrenheit. So it’s really, really easy. No guesswork involved.
And we’re there! So now, I’m going to turn this off. I’m going to set this aside and I’m going to
let it cool down. Now it’s time for the egg whites. So, the secret to good egg whites is actually to
use a grease-free bowl. The very best bowl you could possibly use for egg whites is copper. If
you don’t have copper, then any metal bowl will do. Just stay away from the plastic bowls.
Because, even no matter how clean you get them, they tend to be a little bit greasy and metal
bowls are just going to work better. So, hand mixer, egg white.
Once they get past the big foamy stage and kind of go into this fine foamy stage, that when we’re
going to start adding our sugar as we beat the egg whites.
So, we’re not going for stiff peaks. We’re not even going for soft peaks. We’re going for rivety
and thick, and we want it to hold its shape but not quite the peak stage yet. As you can see, if I
just stir this, it’s holding its lines pretty good. And if I pull a big bunch out, it is holding that
It’s time to bring everything together. We have the yolk mixture, we have the white mixture, and
we have nutmeg. And that’s, well, really what makes this go from just an egg drink to egg nog,
in my opinion. So, I’m going to add the nutmeg first so I can whisk it in really good.
I am just making a mess.
Alright. And now, we’re going to take the whites and mix those in as well.
I might just do like a quarter at a time, mix it smooth, add a little bit more, mix it smooth, add
a little bit more.
I had to move to a slightly bigger container. We were about to overflow. So I don’t have much
left, but alright, get the last of the egg whites in here. And it’s ready to serve right away if you
put it in the fridge. Like, I’m making mine a day early. I’m going to serve it tomorrow. It will
need to be stirred up again with a whisk or wooden spoon, just because that foam will separate
into another layer. And that’s it! It’s really not that hard. It is seriously so delicious. I always
make a double batch, because it doesn’t last long. Alright, I would love to see some thumbsup
from those of you who love egg nog as much as I do. In fact, because I make it myself, I eat it
year-round. But I do make this batch a lot during the holidays. I think I’ve already made it 4
times since Thanksgiving. Anyway, if you click the ‘Show more’ button in the description box
down below, you’ll get a link to the printable recipe with all of the measurements and everything
that you need to make it at home. Leave me a comment if you do. Tell me what you think. What
other egg nog recipes do you like? Egg nog fudge? Egg nog French toast? Egg nog milkshake?
Egg nog ice cream? Egg nog cookies? I’m a little obsessed with egg nog. Anyway, don’t forget
to subscribe so you don’t miss anything. Now, let’s give this a try!
Ooo, it’s thick and creamy, and this is a really big cup. Alright. And I like to top mine with a
little fresh whipped cream, and then a little sprinkling of some more nutmeg, just because.
Alright, let’s give it a try.
Egg nog mustache.
Alright, this is seriously, you guys, so good!
You guys want some egg nog?
(Kids) Yeah!
Okay, here’s some whipped cream for you. And some whipped cream for you.
Nutmeg. Ready?
Shake. Shake.
Alright. Ready? Cheers!
(Kids) Cheers!
What do you think?
(Kids) I think it was delicious. When was the first time you made egg nog?
I made egg nog 11 years ago when we were living in Japan. Before you were even born.
(Kids) Really?
Yep, really. What did you think, baby boy?
(Kids) Super, super delicious!
Super delicious. Alright. You guys ready to say Happy Holidays and goodbye?
(Together) Happy Holidays!