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How to use chopsticks

How To Use Chopsticks – In About A Minute

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Have you ever struggled in using chopsticks? Do you want to know how to properly use it and enjoy asian cuisines? Here’s a simple way to learn how to use chopsticks properly.

Step 1: Place the first chopstick between your middle finger and the base of your thumb.

Step 2: Grip the second chopstick with your index finger and thumb along with the first chopstick, but rest this one on your middle finger instead of your ring finger.

Step 3: Practice opening and closing the chopsticks. Using your index and middle fingers to move the top chopstick up and down, open up your chopsticks.

Step 4: Once you’re ready, start off by grabbing larger food items and move up to smaller and thinner foods like noodles.

video by For Us Foodies

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here is a simple way to learn chopsticks
a little practice you’ll be a master in
no time
step 1 go ahead and just pinch the
chopstick or somewhere around the middle
a little bit above to where you just are
pinching it with your two fingers now
you’ll have a hole underneath and just
slide the other stick underneath that
I’m pinching the top and I’m using my
other finger my middle finger there to
go ahead and just hold the other side so
I have a top pinch the the middle finger
is a brace in the other side and this
Court is being break by the inside of my
thumb so once again pinch the top fly in
the bottom and then go ahead and use
that little middle finger right there
there you go now you can go ahead and
use the chopstick to do whatever you
need to it’s really simple you need to
adjust them a little bit more do that as
well there you go great for picking up
things great for scooping some people
try to pick things up like that with
chopsticks you don’t want to do it that
way that is a no-no we want to use them
like you would use a fork kind of
pick them up move things around if you
need to and then just have them an angle
grab what you want to eat scoop it up
and eat away hope this helped guys bye