how to cook rice

How To Cook The Perfect Rice

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Do you sometimes wonder how to make the perfect rice? Today, I’ll share with you the simple trick on how to cook rice and to always make a perfect one.

1. Start off with 400 grams of rice.

2. Rinse-off the dust and the starch from the rice with cold water.

3. Once the rice has been rinse thoroughly, add water (1:1/2) with 1 part rice to a half part water ratio.

4. Cook the rice for 8 – 10 mins without taking the lid off.

Now, you have a perfectly cooked rice.

Video by Gordon Ramsay

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basmati rice the king of all Rice’s
light fluffy delicious and I’m going to
show you how to cook it perfectly now
start off with 400 grams of rice rice in
spot-on something to do now is just
rinse off the dust and a starch cold
always and is rinse the rice that stops
the rice from becoming clumpy in the pan
and allowed it go really nice light and
once it’s cooked rice into the pan now
to make a plain fluffy rice exciting
we’re going to choose it three cardamom
pods and just get the pods and just
pierce them so it allows all that flavor
to come out cardamom pods and then star
anis now these are beautiful whole star
anis it makes it really nice and
fragrant salt and pepper lot easier to
season the rice now then it is once it’s
cooked we start to break up when you
season once it’s cooked now basically
one part rise to one and a half part
six hundred mils always started off in
cold water cold water in
onto the gas lid on bring it up to the
ball as quick as possible and turn it
down and let it simmer for eight to ten
minutes and that’s the secret behind
cooking great rice allow it to steam as
it’s cooking do not lift that lid up
lid off mmm it smells aromatic basically
all the waters absorbed the rice has
doubled in size and is nice and light
and fluffy take the star nice out the
cardamom pods the all should have risen
to the top pods out take your fork flat
it through basically just sort of starts
to open it back up once you fault you
through it comes really nice and light
and fluffy and there that is perfectly
cooked rice literally as a stock comes
up to the boil the clams open
automatically cuts through the richness
of the coconut gives it that nice little
bit of acidity just fantastically well
with a cinnamon