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How to boil potatoes

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Discover how to boil potatoes and make delightful recipes with simple and easy to follow steps.

1. Wash the potatoes.
2. Bring a pot of water to a boil.
3. Make sure the water is boiling before submerging the potatoes.
4. Wait for 10-15 minutes or until the potatoes are fork tender or when you can insert a sharp utensil into the center of the cut and encounter very little or no resistance.
5. Drain and cool slightly to handle.

After learning how to boil potatoes perfectly, you can make a variety of delicious recipes.

Video by mahalodotcom

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hi I’m Miranda Valentine editor of the
lifestyle blog everything sounds better
in French and today I’m going to show
you how to boil potatoes so I’ve got two
potatoes here these are two red potatoes
and my pot of boiling water
um potatoes will cook faster just like
with anything obviously if they’re the
smaller they are this you know the
littler they are so I’m just going to
quarter these really quickly and this
will make my my cooking time faster
obviously if you have a recipe that
calls for you to boil a whole potato
you could certainly still do that it
might just take a little bit longer so
I’m just going to put these in the pot
of boiling water so these two potatoes
quartered in this pot we’re going to say
about ten minutes boiling until fork
tender it may be less so you want to
check it but again into a fork tender so
you will be able to insert your fork
with your fork goes in easily without
any give you know that you’re good to go
so let’s come back in about ten minutes
and check them out okay so it’s been ten
minutes I checked them out my potatoes
were good to go I did the fork test so
this is what’s called it from their fork
tender so see how the fork just goes in
really easily doesn’t totally crumble I
haven’t overcooked them but it goes in
nice and easily same thing on the side
with the peel I can just insert it right
through no problem easy to go ready for
me to move forward with my recipe easy
to do there you have only ten minutes
that’s how you boil potatoes
thanks for watching make sure to
subscribe and if there’s something that
you want to learn how to make send me an
email at request at Mahalo calm and
don’t forget to check out our other
great videos.