How to Eat Dragon Fruit

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How do you eat dragon fruit? It’s easy. You slice it in half and eat it with a spoon, or simply peel off the skin and slice it into bite-size pieces. The skin is not edible. The inner dragon fruit is similar in texture to a kiwi fruit. The fruit is filled with small seeds that are edible, they add a little texture, but for the most part they are unnoticeable. Dragon fruit is found readily in Asian food markets. The color of the fruit varies from reddish to yellow.

Video by Chef Buck
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all righty what we got here today is
dragon fruit got it at the Asian market
this is a tropical fruit
it’s expensive to Pez hell this was like
$5.99 a pound which is ridiculous but
you see it’s starting to get a little
bit funky starting to brown up a little
bit a lot softer than it was you know
not crazy soft but the longer you wait
the sweeter it’s gonna be I’ve already
washed it you know this comes from a
cactus sort of looks like a dragon you
know I think they eat a lot of these in
Game of Thrones there’s a couple of
different kinds of these you can get
they can be red like this kind of paint
sometimes they’re yellow these here
aren’t supposed to be a sweet so the
longer you let them soften up the
sweeter it’ll be but it’s really easy
we’re just gonna cut it in half right
down the center boom look at that man
that actually looks pretty kind of an
attractive fruit Kiwi yeah it does look
like Kiwi except for Kiwis suck this
doesn’t look like it sucks but we’re now
we’re gonna cut it in half oh and the
flesh is it’s pretty soft because I
waited a little bit and now I’m just
gonna peel it off that’s all you have to
do yeah yeah now the skin is not edible
we can’t do anything with that you know
it’s kind of tough you can make a shoe
out of it maybe you could let it dry and
use it as a bookmark the scenes are
edible they add texture
and boom boom boom it’s a little bit
soft here we go
a taste test
this one is a very sweet Oh the reason
you could find these in Asian markets in
the u.s. is primarily these come from
Southeast Asian countries you know
that’s got this white flush but if it
was from Mexico or Central America or
something and have red flesh and that’s
supposed to even mean sweeter but I’ve
never had one of those people like to
make these for smoothies so like if
you’ve got money to burn if you’ve got
like a shitload of money you know when
you don’t care about it then you can
make smoothies with these you know if
you like to make like a seven dollar
smoothie at home but you want to make
sure and not eat the skin because it’ll
uh it’ll give you bursitis or they’ll
give you the queasy
oh it’ll make you queasy like Sunday
morning if there’s dragon fruit where
you live how much does it cost you know
if you’re in
Thailand or Vietnam or any of those
places how much do you pay for dragon
fruit bear this was $5.99 a panel like
this one costs like seven bucks you know
so yeah it had to come over on the damn
dragon fruit boat you know so that might
be why it’s good hmm but it’s I can’t
get past