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How to Cook Lobster Tails

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How to cook lobster tails

cook lobster tails at home, just as good as the ones you get at high-end restaurants.  Let’s go through the step by step process.

Step 1: Fully Thaw the lobster tails
Best option is buying them the day before and leaving them in the fridge for one day.  If you didn’t do that, place them in cold water and let sit for 30 minutes to thaw.  You’ll know when it’s thawed when you can fold the tail and touch the head and the tail very easily.

Step 2: Get it ready for the oven.  Cut the tail with a scissor.  But do not cut all the way through.  Just cut far enough to reach the end of the tail.  The video demonstrates this.  You don’t want to fully remove it from the shell, because you will present it in the shell.

Step 3: Preheat the oven to 375 degree on bake.

Step 4: Cover the lobster tails in olive oil.  You can pinch the tail and place on top of the shell, again without removing it from the shell.

Step 5: Bake for 1:30 minutes per ounce of lobster tails.  For example, 8 ounce would take 12 minutes.

Step 6: After the tails bake, add butter on top of each tail and broil on high for 3 minutes.

Video by BestEver

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tonight’s dinner North Australian
lobster tails since these lobster tails
are coming from Australia frozen your
first order of business is to get them
completely thawed out the best way to
thaw out your tails is to buy them the
day before you’re going to cook them and
just leave them in their original
packaging in the refrigerator overnight
but if you do need to thaw them out the
same night take them out of their
packaging and using very cold water put
them in a bowl in your sink and thaw
them until you can touch the head of the
lobster tail
to the tail of the lobster tail very
easily just like this and it’s very very
important to use cold water when falling
if you use warm water at all
sure it might take a little time off
fine but your lobster tails will start
to break apart and your meat will become
tough once your tails are fully thawed
it’s time to get them ready for the
other with a sharp pair of kitchen
shears cut down the back of the tail
which is the curved colorful part of the
tail but make sure to stop before you
cut all the way through the fanned out
end of the lobster tail you’re using
that shell when you bake to actually
piggyback the lobster meat on top of the
shell when you crack apart the shell
after cutting you don’t want to rip it
so hard that the shell just breaks in
you need to crack it open so that the
Adel itself holds together but gives you
enough room to get in between the shell
and the lobster tail meat and pull the
meat off of the lower membrane which is
underneath the belly of the tail this
process is very important because this
is actually how you’re going to present
your lobster tail on the plate to your
dinner guests so showing you one more
time cut down the curved back part of
the tail spread apart the shell making
sure that there aren’t any shell pieces
that get left aside and then getting in
between the meat and the shell lift the
lobster tail meat away from that lower
membrane and then set it back down
your next step is to make sure that the
lobster tail meat is fully coated in
olive oil it’s important to pick the
lobster tail meat up and do both sides
before pinching the shell underneath the
lobster tail meat and piggybacking the
meat so that it’s sitting on top of the
shell like so to add a little color and
spice to your lobster tails sprinkle
just a dash of paprika on before you put
it in the up I’m using 10 ounce tails in
this video so after 15 minutes of baking
time I’m going to take the tails out and
put a pack of butter on top of each one
of the tails before preheating the
broiler and setting the tails underneath
the broiler for three minutes so that
butter infuses that cooked lobster tail
flesh to round off our meal tonight from
the pure and simple Department we’re
serving grilled asparagus and calico
these lobster tails are really delicious
so whoever you’re trying to impress with
their make sure that they know how hard
it was to make you know you know it’s
really really easy