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How to Bake Sweet Potatoes

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Today, I’ll show you how to bake sweet potatoes so that they turn out perfectly every time! This recipe will guarantee that your sweet potatoes are tender and full of flavor.

Video by Fablunch
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hey guys it’s Lola today I’m going to
show you a simple way of baking sweet
potatoes that will guarantee you the
best results when baking sweet potatoes
you want them to turn out tender and
flavorful you also want the flesh to
easily separate from the skin so I’m
going to show you the tricks that I
learned that will help you achieve just
that at the end I’ll also show you the
way I love to garnish my sweet potatoes
at the moment it is so incredibly tasty
and I cannot wait for you guys to give
it a try let’s get started
personally I love using sweet potatoes
they’re inexpensive and really versatile
these babies are full of amazing health
benefits they are a great source of iron
fiber and magnesium they also contain a
high amount of vitamin C vitamin b6 and
vitamin A vitamin A is an important
antioxidant that can help prevent
different types of cancer it also helps
to protect your skin from sun damage and
aging and it’s great for your eye health
the best part is that one medium sweet
potato contains more than a recommended
daily requirement of vitamin A so to
make the sweet potatoes first you want
to wash them under cold running water
and give them a scrub to remove any dirt
that could be left on them then grab a
towel and dry your sweet potatoes
next take a fork and make a few holes
with it I like doing it all around the
entire potato this really helps the
sweet potato to separate from the skin
and it gives it a really nice texture
say your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit
and place the sweet potatoes directly on
the almond rack in the middle of your
oven there is no need to preheat the
oven you can place the potatoes inside
right away the baking time depends on
the size of your sweet potatoes for the
potatoes there are two to three inches
in diameter bake them for 40 to 45
minutes for a larger sweet potato you
want to increase the time to an hour and
hour and 15 minutes after 45 minutes
check if your potatoes are ready by
inserting a fork or a knife it should
slide right in our potatoes are done
this was super easy wasn’t it you just
put them in the oven for about an hour
and forget about them perfect for those
lazy days so let’s cut one potato in
half and see what it looks like on the
beautiful I’m going to put the detailed
instructions and baking time on my
website at fab lunch com2 check them out
there to make sure that your potatoes
turn out amazing as you can see it’s
perfectly cooked and the taste I gotta
tell you is just incredible you can
serve them just like this as a side add
a little bit of salt and pepper but if
you want to kick it up a notch I’m going
to show you a yummy way of how I like to
eat my sweet potatoes so first I cut the
potatoes in half then I spread a little
bit of homemade vegan sour cream on top
let me know if you want to see a recipe
for vegan sour cream it’s super easy to
make instead of sour cream you can also
use a creamy tahini sauce it works just
as great I’ll put a recipe for it on my
website as well then I add sliced cherry
tomatoes and finally cilantro it’s funny
because I used to hate cilantro I would
always use parsley instead but in the
past year or so I completely changed my
mind about it and I can’t get enough
help do you feel the same about cilantro
or do you try to avoid it anyways look
at our potatoes so beautiful I’m just
going to take a bite now I wish I could
share but I actually ate all of them
after I was done filming let me know in
the comments what is your favorite way
of eating sweet potatoes thank you so
much for watching I hope that you guys
enjoy this video if you did make sure to
give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my
channel down below for my recipes like
you saw today let me know if you want to
see more sweet potato recipes in the
future I’m thinking of making a healthy
version of sweet potato fries maybe let
me know if you want to see that I love
you guys very much I will see you in the
next video bye